Female Creators We Are Loving This Month

We are celebrating International Women's Day all this month! To kick this off, we have pulled together a list of females creators we are currently loving. These women are full of soul, creativity, encouragement and confidence. A recipe for all things we love at Hekaya! 

1. Ijeoma Kola

 Dr. Ijeoma Kola is a blogger, educator, mentor and mum. We love her zeal for all things lifestyle and passion for supporting other black women pursuing graduate and doctorate degrees. You must check out her community and podcast, CohortSistas.

Ijeoma Kola  Dr. Ijeoma Kola is a bl

2. Yasmin Af

Yasmin is a modest style icon whose styling videos and safari style ensures we are always waiting for her next Instagram post or YouTube video. We are definitely keeping our eyes peeled for her next trip!

Yasmin Af

3. Achieng Agutu (noorodinarynoire)

Achieng Agutu otherwise known as “The Tantlizing Confidence Queen” truly inspires us with her fun and relatable motivational videos, telling us to get up and get going. We just cannot get enough of her infectious bubbly personality!

Achieng Agutu (noorodinarynoire)

4. Terembe Cherono

Terembe is not only the queen of “Daily Recaps” on Instagram but works full time and runs an initiative called The Arena Kenya, which uses media events to inspire young people to make empowered decisions. We also love her OOTD’s and love seeing her in Hekaya pieces.