Our Manifesto

Life is not easy but it is beautiful. We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences but we can come together with shared aspirations to write our Hekaya.


We celebrate the beauty and splendour of Africa and her people. We celebrate each life. We celebrate stories of both struggle and success. We celebrate our heritage and roots and don’t forget where we come from or what made us. We celebrate a vision of a fruitful, prosperous, strong, entrepreneurial and innovative people. We celebrate because we have grateful hearts.


We pull together all for one. Service is our mission. Always 'we before me'. We are peacemakers and community creators. We treat each other fairly and lift each other up. We want to win hearts and minds and not arguments. We believe unity and diversity can be best friends. We are motivated by what unites us, not divides us and by our shared humanity, challenges and aspirations.


We honour the cause of and struggle for freedom.  We will fight for and defend each other's freedom including from poverty and lack of opportunity. We will live free and flourish.


We believe African creativity can inspire a generation. We are building a community of creators and are working to see the creative potential of people released. We are idealistic, have big dreams and believe our collective creativity can shape the future for the better.


We stand on the shoulders of those that came before us. We learn from the past but look to the future. Life can be a struggle but through sacrifice and the will to work, we can succeed. We move forward with strength, resilience and positivity. We are hope filled and conviction driven. We believe a new day is dawning.