3 Items That Became Fashion Staples during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic changed life as we know it—from how we work, how we interact with others, and even how we dress. We have suddenly been confined in our homes and kept from spending time socialising with friends and working in our offices. We had to say goodbye to dressing up for business, and we went for comfortable alternatives as we do remote jobs.

1. Pyjamas

Gone are the days when you only wore pyjamas when you have to go to bed. Because of community quarantines and lockdowns, people got used to just staying in their pyjamas as they lounge around their home, even while working. In fact, celebrities even wore pyjamas as they received acting awards during remote ceremonies!

2. Zoom-Friendly Tops

Yes, you might be going for comfort when you spend time at home, but when it comes to meetings with co-workers, particularly your boss, you still have to dress up. Well, at least, the upper half of your body must at least seem business casual.

With that, many people invest in what we now call “Zoom tops.” These are tops that are appropriate for video conferencing and must meet the following criteria: professional, polished, and comfortable. Some of those trendy picks involve puff sleeve women’s tops and silky button-downs.

3. Loungewear

Finally, loungewear has become the go-to outfit for millions of people worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Loungewear is simply casual and comfortable but flexible enough to wear for working, going out, and relaxing at home. For some people, you can define loungewear as a more relaxed relative of athleisure.



Fashion will never stop evolving—it will continue to keep up with the changes in the world. We must embrace these changes and choose clothing that makes us feel comfortable and confident to take on the challenges ahead.

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