3 tips to get your right size when shopping online with Hekaya

Online shopping, in itself, offers a delightful experience as there is nothing more joyous than receiving all your purchases after waiting for the delivery to arrive. Having a massive central inventory, you can purchase just about anything online nowadays.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to online shopping as well. While it's relatively acceptable to discover mild flaws in some items, nothing entails more stress than having to return most of the clothes you purchased that don't fit right.

With that said, it is undeniable that finding the perfect fit when shopping for clothes online can be pretty tricky. But fortunately, there are various ways you can ensure that you won't have to keep returning your purchases due to size issues. Be it casual women’s clothing or workwear clothing, here are three clever tips to help you find the right size.

1. Get Your Body Measurement

Unlike when shopping from physical stores, you cannot try on clothes to determine whether they fit or not when online shopping. For this reason, knowing your measurements may be a great starting point. 

Measure your bust, waist, and hip using a tape measure, and don't forget to write it down to serve as a reference. For a more accurate fit, get your body measurement while wearing nothing but underwear. This technique will allow you to obtain the exact measurements you need.


2. Review and Compare Size Charts

Sizes can vary across different stores and brands online. Just because you're a six in a particular clothing retailer does not entail that you're a six in every brand. That said, at Hekaya we do try our best to maintain standard sizing. In addition, we include the sizing worn by each model on the website as a gage for you to find your best fit. 


Hekaya Sizing Chart 



3. Our Hekaya Service  

At Hekaya our mission is for you to have a seamless online shopping experience for you to live. look and feel your best.  If you are based in Nairobi, upon request we can send you two sizes for you to find your best fit. We also have a flexible return and exchange policy. We will exchange any item you are not completely happy with for another item within 15 days of the date of purchase. 



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