Become Fashion Forward: 5 Ways to Take Fashion Risks

If you appreciate looking through fashion magazines, you're likely aware of the term “fashion risk.” There's long-lasting discussion in the industry about making strong fashion choices, and there is no holding back when giving feedback to those who do so. 

It can be disappointing when people are criticized and judged over what they wear. Fortunately, some remain brave and wholeheartedly express their style, unbothered about other people’s opinions. 

In 2021, fashion rules are a thing of the past. If you want to be like those free and expressive individuals, here are ways you can start taking fashion risks.

  1. Start Slow and Simple

If you are hesitating about taking fashion risks but want to express your individuality, try to start with small changes. For example, you can begin with using colourful accessories and clothing. Injecting bright colours into your style in a relatively unobtrusive way is a great start to elevating your confidence level. 

If most of your preferred clothing pieces tend toward a neutral or dark colour palette, you can buy a bright-coloured tote, socks, or shoes to bring life to your everyday style. A pair of bright or loudly designed loafers can liven up a dark suit, and matching a yellow handbag with a naval force blue jumpsuit can be a fantastic combination. Attempt working with colours that are beyond your typical palette.

  1. Make it Retro

Going back to past fashion trends can be a real risk for most, especially today. Digging through your parent’s old clothes or going to thrift shops will arm you with beautiful pieces that you can incorporate to your daily repertoire. 

Try pairing quirky tops and bottoms and test what suits you best. Whether it is the sleeveless button-ups of the ’50s or the high-waist pants of the ’70s, this type of fashion “risk” will be a fun experience.


  1. Customise Your Clothes

Expressing your own art and style through customising various clothes and accessories is one important step in becoming the fashion icon you’ve always wanted to be. Your individuality is a great weapon for you to be unique and fashionable. 

You can do just about anything, like adding patches, buttons, and colourful beads or dyeing fabrics and embroidering clothes as well as accessories. Adding simple to over-the-top customisation will take your aesthetic to the next level.

  1. Combine Prints and Patterns

There is a common misconception that you can’t blend patterns and prints, but in truth, you can do anything you want! Combining prints and patterns may be an excellent way to take a fashion risk. Classic prints such as stripes, animal prints, polka dots, plaids, and floral prints can be layered with each other, depending on the design and colours. 

For example, if you’re wearing a dark suit, combine it with a paisley button-down rather than a customary white dress shirt. And if you wear a printed shirt, include a layer that has patterns in it. You can also layer a polka-dotted t-shirt with a checkered polo. 

By blending prints like stripes and squares, you'll open up a new dimension of fashion ideas that can move you past the standard T-shirt and denim style.


  1. Ignore the Rules

If you want to take the risk of creating your own individual style, you have to disregard all the rules. Those senseless thoughts that you just shouldn't wear running shoes with a formal outfit, wear tight pants, or combine prints and patterns within the same outfit are all ridiculous. Fashion is a subjective topic wherein everybody’s opinions and preferences are valid. 

Following rules might make you feel like you’re in a cage. Doing it your own way will surely make you happier!

The most vital part of every fashion journey is doing it in your way. The strongest weapon that any fashion icon has is their confidence in wearing their clothes. Take Harry Styles as an example—his elaborate display of femininity and bizarre outfit pairings has inspired other people to think outside the box when it comes to fashion. The bottom line is, wear anything you want, however you want!

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