Home Fashion: The Difference Between Loungewear & Sleepwear

The coronavirus outbreak prompted people to stay home. For this reason, most individuals are becoming a little more attentive to what they wear in the comfort of their own homes. And now that home-based fashion is becoming more popular, it’s time to get to know two types of clothing categories often worn at home: loungewear and sleepwear.

Women loungewear and sleepwear are terms often used synonymously. As a result, many people usually confuse one with the other. While it’s true that most individuals sport what seems to be loungewear for sleeping, this clothing category wasn’t initially designed for bedtime purposes. So if you’re pretty curious about the difference between the two, read on to find out more about these distinct categories.

What Is Loungewear?

At the most basic level, women loungewear refers to casual and cozy types of clothes that provide ultimate comfort at home. Unfortunately, this book definition is so vague that many people confuse most clothing at home as a form of loungewear.

To clear up this misconception, it’s vital to know what type of clothes fall into this category. In general, loungewear serves as a middle ground between athleisure and sleepwear. Thus, it mainly consists of tank tops, shorts, leggings, joggers, sweatshirts, tees, pants, and other articles of clothes that you can easily mix and match.

Admittedly, these clothes present a sweet escape from tight-fitting casual clothing. Hence, most individuals wear them to bed, blurring the thin line that separates actual sleepwear from loungewear.

What Is Sleepwear?

On the other hand, sleepwear covers kinds of clothes designed and crafted to be worn while sleeping. Nightclothes originated from Indian and Persian culture, patterned after traditional loose garments called pyjamas before Western countries made them into the modern pieces we know as pyjamas today.

However, if you think that pyjamas are the only articles of clothes considered as sleepwear, then you’re gravely mistaken. In essence, this clothing category also includes nightgowns, nightdresses, jumpsuits, babydolls, bathrobes, sleep shirts, and the like.

Furthermore, nightclothes in the past was made up of cotton. But thanks to advancements in fashion and technology, women now enjoy stylish sleepwear in various fabric types like satin and silk.

Why Is It Essential To Know the Difference?

It’s practically easy to distinguish what kind of clothes to wear to sleep, so it’s pretty normal to feel uninterested in differentiating both loungewear and sleepwear. However, there are actual benefits to knowing the difference between the two.

For one, it would be a lot easier to shop for clothes online if you know which category a particular piece of clothing falls under. Next, these details allow you to stay informed about fashion trends better. And lastly, you won’t have trouble understanding expressions and terms related to the fashion industry.

Sleepwear is exclusive to your bedroom, while loungewear is ideal for lazing around your home the entire day. Some might argue that clothes from each category can easily be interchangeable. And yes, that’s true. Nothing is hindering you from wearing loungewear to sleep or sleepwear to lounge at home. And if you’ll give it much thought, there’s no harm in learning a thing or two about fashion anyway.

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